If I Drink 12 Beers A Day Am I An Alcoholic?


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The definition of alcoholic, is there really is no definition other than self admittance.  If you feel as though you drink to much, or you have to drink until intoxication and cannot stop before, you would be considered an alcoholic in a clinical setting.  Personally, necking a 12 pack everyday, I would consider myself an alcoholic, but again, there is no real clear definition of an alcoholic.
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Probably man, I'm in the same boat. Been doing that or close to it for about 5 years. I take days or even weeks off just to show myself I have control. It sounds crummy but excersize really does help when your tryin to sleep. I drink because it lets me enjoy doing nothing. Its a double edged sword. I drink so I don't feel shitty. I feel shitty because I drink. Good times.
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Absolutely not..... I drink 12 beers a day too...... I should say they are those 24 oz. Cans ROFL
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I would have to say yes! My reason for saying that is because about 6 yrs. Ago. Me and my brother roomated together and everyday when he came home from work he would have a 12 pack of beer, every day. He would drink until he would pass out. So I started to feel he felt he needed to drink beer to make whatever problems he couldn't deal with go away for then.
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Depends on how long yo have been doing this..
being alcoholic is someone who can't say no to alcohol..
someone who can't function well on their daily life without alcohol...
you should think about it.. It can harm you real bad..
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12 beers is too much for anyone. Try going without it for a day if you can't well then yes you are an alcoholic. An alcoholic is someone who can't stop drinking.

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