Does Drinking Every Day Make You An Alcoholic?


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There are different types of alcoholics, there is the alcoholic that has to have a drink in their hand off and on all day, but they function, there is the lone alcoholic that does not drink in the presence of others, but drinks often and functions, hides the alcohol from others and in turn hides it from themselves, if you clean behind them or live with them you will find partial bottles of alcohol stuck in corners, under furniture they forget it and go and buy more, and there is the got to drink because I can't function, nor remember anything, some are trouble makers others just fall asleep and you will think they just sleep a lot, those that can't wait until lunchtime to drink lunch, or can't wait to finish work to get to that drink , so there are alcoholics that don't realize they are alcoholics, but one acquires a taste for it and it is addictive and they get caught up, but the worse kind is the one that can't start a day without a drink, have to have a drink first thing in the morning, any type is bad news for your health......the best to you
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What makes you an alcoholic is having to have a drink.
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If I drink one bottle of wine everyday does that make me alcoholic?
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All depends on how much you drink daily, if you have a couple of drinks every day, no that doesn't make you an alcoholic.
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I think you are right. The simple answer is "having to have a drink". Thanks
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I think it does because you need it to make you feel a certain way & you use it every day...thats alcoholism in its purest form... Think about gong to AA meeting or counseling to find the real root of your problem.. 
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It depends.

If you drink a certain cup of beer,I think it's good for your health.

But if you drink a lot of them every day and if you don't smell them,you go crazy,absolutely you are a alcoholic.

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