How Long Will It Take To Cure Eczema?


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Eczema is a skin condition that is usually the result of an allergy to something in the environment such as dust, pollen or animal hair.

There are many ways to cure Eczema. Which one will work for you depends on how susceptible your skin is to each of the treatments, how long you have had the skin condition for and how severe the eczema is.

• Creams
The most common way to treat eczema is by using a cream that can be absorbed into the skin. The lightest and least medicated creams are usually mostly made up from water and have added moisturising ingredients to give your skin a lot of moisture and skin softening qualities. It is important not to use perfumed moisturisers on your skin as this can irritate and worsen the eczema. Aqueous and E45 creams are the most common of these and are usually used for less severe cases.

Steroid creams are the next step up from these water-based creams and should only be applied to a localized area. You cannot buy steroid creams over the counter but you may be prescribed one of the several strengths available by your doctor. Make sure that you read the label on any medications or creams that you use.

• Tablets
You may also be prescribed steroid tablets for severe eczema but this is not a common method to treat the skin condition.

• Natural treatments
There are many natural treatments that are said to help cure eczema. These include;
- Bathing in sea water
- Bathing in salt water (add table salt to your bath water)
- Lavender oil
- Sea kelp (either tablets or bath oil)

Eczema is curable but the length of time that it will take to cure will vary from person to person, you just need to find which method works best for individual symptoms.

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