Does MRSA Stay In Your Body After You Have Been "Cured" By Medicine?


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If you have previously had MRSA and have been treated for it, it is very rare that it stays in your blood unless you have had it very seriously. You are not going to be prone from further causes of MRSA if you have been treated for it before, you can catch it again as the treatment does not prevent it from coming back. Just like many other illnesses and diseases, they can be treated and be taken care of but you cannot be sure that you will not get it again. It is very unlikely that it is still going to be in your blood if you have had the case very mildly.

You can be sure that you have been treated correctly and that you are not going to have MRSA due to it being in your blood again. If you do have a worry that you may still have the disease within your system, you can always be reassured by your doctor and have any tests carried out if you need them. Only in rare cases will you be affect by MRSA again because it was still in your system. You can be sure that you will be able to overcome the disease and carry on with your life as normal.

However, if you are affected by the disease more than once, you will know the warning signs immediately and will be able to take yourself to hospital to have the correct treatment straight away without being undiagnosed for too long.

Be safe in the knowledge that the disease will not be in your bloody disease, but if you are worried, it is advised that you go to your GP to be tested and receive further treatment if necessary to prevent MRSA from reoccurring.
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No it does not. In 99% of the cases, MRSA is eliminated through the medicines and there are rare chances that it stays in your system after the medication.
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The MRSA are resistant staphylococcus bacteria which cause infections on skin usually. They also cause systemic infections if inhaled. If the wound or sores are completely healed up then there is no possibility that these bacteria are alive under your skin. If the sores itch, it means the medicine is trying to kill the bacteria.
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MRSA is basically Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. It includes difficult to treat infections caused by a bacterium. It is very sad that the person you have mentioned got Staph from the hospital. Actually this infection is mostly spread in the hospitals if proper care is not taken.

However, the good news is that there is cure available for this disease. It can be treated by antibiotics such as vancomycin, linezolid etc. On skin you can use mupirocin antibiotic cream. However, you would need to frequently change the antibiotics you take as the disease often takes up immunity against the drug. However, this medication must be taken on Doctor's prescription only. He should make a microscopic examination and decide which antibiotic would suit you best.
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MRSA does not stay in the body after appropriate antibiotics are prescribed. The problem is MRSA is immune to many of the antibiotics that are prescribed for more typical strains of staph, not that it stays with you.
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I was hospitalized with MRSA 5 was 5 months after I had a hysterectomy...I got hug cyst down in my buttocks and also my hair line...huge cyst and also a high fever...went to the emergency room and they admitted me right on the spot....a MRSA specialist came in and told me that it does in fact stay in your system and break out later in life, mine started in the nose, the specialist swabbed my the inside of my nose and the culture came back positive for MRSA...I have to put medicated cream on a swab every day and swab inside my nose so I don't have a re-occurrence of MRSA...everyone has there own opinions, but I am taking precautions and listening to the specialist that saw me...I had a out break again 6 months ago when I went to Las Vegas...the doctors told me when I got back, thats the worse place to go when you have "had" amy infections are in Vegas...the machines alone has so much bacteria and germs on the buttons...if you do go, take had wipes!!!!! Or PURELL!
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I'm on my third round of having MRSA so is my husband! We've both been on Meds twice, none of our four children, co workers or family has gotten it
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See a doctor and get re-checked with a follow-up. If the bump is completely gone and you feel 100% better, you are probably ok. If you still feel bad, by all means, see the doctor.
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MRSA is a  terrible plague that has been unleashed on the global community many believe by the pharmacuetical companies inside  of the U.S.

Unfortunately there is alot of disinformation that is floating around reguarding how to treat MRSA and whether it is "cureable" and the sad truth is that it is only "treatable".  If you have it you will likely always have it. Contrary to alot of stuff that you read it is NOT cureable.

MRSA hides in the hair follicular base, and nervous system tissue  and likes to go dorminant. It basically hides and can sometimes be dormant for many years before causing new infections, but it will always likely come back.  Over the counter products are virtually  all a complete waste of time IE: Ineffective with the exception of 3 PRODUCTS worldwide. 10% povidone iodine solution, Dettol cream (30% triclosan), and Skinsure Ultra which I can guarantee will kill all MRSA atleast topically and are somewhat beneficial in treating the boils and sores afterward.

Your best friend in the world if you have MRSA is the bathtub (for 1hour) everyday without fail w/antibacterial soap. Safeguard is my preference and a good infectious disease specialist or skilled dermatoligist if you have good access to healthcare.

Oral antibiotics are

a complete waste of time and money and will likely only make you sicker via weakening your immune system.

With the antibiotic exceptions being Rifampin and Zyvox.  Both of which can be greatly helpful in almost 90% of cases. Expense with the above is a real deterent though as Zyvox is extraordinarily expensive. (over $3,000 USD) per treatment.

Manuka Honey (UMF 10+) topically APPLIED DIRECTLY TO THE WOUND  twice a day will also help.  Leave the honey in place under the gauze bandage for best results.  Wash your hands and clean your house and car interior obessively. Hand hygiene is the most important  thing with MRSA as in almost 85-90% of cases it is spread from hand to hand contact. Become clean, live clean and you will survive for several years before MRSA kills you. The CDC is now saying 37% and up to 50% mortality rate around the 5 year mark.

It is far worse than what most doctors and researchers  INITIALLY believed as they are not up to date on the most recent data in most cases. The newer data is even more disturbing. Dont believe the lies on the internet, as they are mostly based on misunderstanding.

Building your immune system up and becoming obessively clean will give you the best chance to survive.  God bless you. 


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MRSA are treated by special antibiotics because these bacteria are resistant to many antibiotics and difficult to treat. Once this infection is treated and wounds are healed then now these bacteria are no more in high quantities. These bacteria are usually always present on the skin of all people  without any harm but can cause infection only when skin is damaged by cut, wound or  burn. So, whether your MRSA infection is treated and wounds are healed or you don't have any infection, your skin contains these bacteria without any harm.
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I'm trying to beat it currently. Avoid iron as much as totally possible. Iron helps it get stronger very rapidly. Example avoid eating liver. I'm trying to bring my body ph to as extreme alkalilne state currently and am trying to oxygenate it-beats down the staff. I'm considering UV light-"treats" it but is bad for health. Get yourself a neg ion machine-air water oil. Hit it from all sides. Avoid sugar-another lunch for staff. Alc breaks down into sugar! Quit smoking-Comprimises immune system.   Work out. Staff likes to live on the face and groin area(soft tissues). Dry it out externally with zinc oxide cream, tripple antibiotic cream(avoid ointment) baby powder. Alternate.  It has the ability to figure out how your trying to fight it and set up defenses. Alternate herbal attempts. Steroids will make it grow arms and legs and I am lucky to be alive after a doctor chose not to test it and prescribed steroids and now because of this other drs wont help me. Drs seem to be like a gang. Llike keeping you sick and they are scared as hell to not get it either. Figure out how to make your own silver hydrosol. Put it in spray bottle -spray it on you where your itchin. A negative ion air machine will help control it from jumping on other people. If you get it bad (my personal experience) it can travel 2-3 feet through the air on to someone else.  Pump some salt water in your nose every day(squirt). Get sunshine.  I'm trying non fda approved stuff now. Ive ordered a digital zapper (parasite Zapper) and am going to try this- the body supposed to be on certain electrical frequency; bacteria is all on different frequencies and supposedly you can dial in to theirs and zap them but still waiting for my zapper in mail (from Germany)(Dr. Hilda Clark-pioneer in this field). I'm praying ive learned enough. To soon be able to beat it. I gave staff to my dog also and shes had anti biotics 2x already. I'm going to the holistic side of it now. Try researching vitamines, the immune system, and antioxidants. Me and Chilli are going to survive I pray and cry. I need your help on any info you got. The doctors turned their back on me. And the exercise should be aerobic vs heavy weights.   Research iron containing foods and avoid them if your health allows. And seriously if you just pray that it will go away it wont. Thats why its called the Superbug.

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