Why Do Some People Like To Feel The Pain When They Physically Harm Themselves, Just To Feel Better Again, Like They Did When They Were A Child? What Is The Reason Behind This?


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I can think of better things to do, but there are people who become numb to emotional pain. By causing their own physical pain, often taking the form of self-mutilation (cutting their bodies), they believe they will able to feel something emotional when they do it.
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Today I cut myself on accident splicing some wires, and it sent chills throughout my body. I'm not emo at all I have short brown hair, green eyes, never cut myself or done anything self afflicting, and I dress fairly nice. Today I just realized that I like pain, I like shots, my girlfriend biting me, and even when a girl scratches your back until it bleeds. If you met me you could never tell that I would be someone who likes pain. I was abused when I was little, but I don't know if that is the answer or not. I use to do drugs when, but I stopped everything months and months ago. If someone has an answer for why I'm feeling like this now?
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It's not always about someone who is over dramatic and likes to cut them self or about how they must be mentally messed up because they choose to do this. LET ME TELL YOU WHY I LIKE PAIN... I was born with defective nerves! If I pinch my ear (for example) my nerves don't sent out pain signals they instead send out endorphins and serotonin. I have no choice in the matter... It feels relaxing or meditative to pinch or push aggressively on on body. NO CUTTING INVOLVED. The point is that its genetic for some people and its not their fault. AND NOOOOOOOO I was certainly never abused or any other silly excuse.
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Sometimes I believe people have a lot of guilt built up inside of them and they think by causing their bodies physical pain, they may release some of this guilt. Their guilt may or may not even be real; it may be only what they believe in their minds. They may continue causing their bodies physical pain forever because they believe the guilt will never go away.
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It is a really psychological problem. And they have had a bad past so they find pleasure in harming themselves. In this case, the patient should contact some psychologist to solve his problem.

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