Does Hypothyroidism Make You Throw Up?


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Yes. In animals vomiting can be associated with thyroid problems (more commonly with cats though). It can also indicate toxicity, liver problems, just about any GI tract problems, bacterial and viral infections, foreign body blockages and numerous other things.
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Hypothyroidism is basically a disease. The root cause for this disease is malfunctioning of the Thyroid gland. Actually the Thyroid gland is involved in production of a hormone called Thyroid. When there is no adequate production of this hormone, the disease is called Hypothyroidism.

The common symptoms of this disease are:

- Depression

- Intolerance to Cold.

- Fatigue, Joint pain and cramps in muscles

- Dry and itchy skin

- Thin and brittle hair and fingernails

- Goiter

- Weight gain

- Constipation.

- Slow speech

- Impaired memory and cognitive function

- Hair loss

- Anemia

- Shortness of breath

- Mood instability and sleepiness

None of these disease is related with growing up. In fact Hypothyroidism makes you grow inadequately.

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