Can Hyperthyroid Cause Shortness Of Breath Also Too Much Adrenaline?


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YES it can , thyroid hormone have an effect on weight , heat tolerance , bone growth and modeling , Muscle development , reproductive system , nervous system and Gastrointestinal , so make sure that thyroid hormone levels are normal

Hyperthyroidism can increase nervous system ( particularly sympathetic ) to release adrenaline and increase heart rate , it also cause breathlessness
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Yes shortness of breath, anxiety and palpitation are symptoms of hyperthyroidism. 80% of women get this problem after delivery or during pregnancy. It can take time to settle down. It require no treatment. Only symptomatic treatment is used as your doctor is doing. No need to worry.
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Yes, but so can hypothyroidism.  I have that problem and take meds for both problems.

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