How Does Too Much Salt Cause Stroke?


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Salt (sodium) intake can increase the
volume of blood that circulates in the bloodstream. The body wants to
maintain a certain concentration; it will "dilute" areas to keep that
concentration equal. With increased intake of sodium, the blood becomes
more salty, and the body will move water into the blood vessels
to bring down the concentration. This increases the volume in the
bloodstream, hence the pressure that blood pumps through the system
(creating hypertension, or high blood pressure). This high blood pressure eventually wears out the blood vessels. If there are inherent weaknesses in the blood vessel walls, say, in the brain, the vessel may rupture, leading to a hemorrhagic stroke. Try to keep sodium intake to less than 2000 mg daily. It can be hidden in different forms of
sodium, like baking soda in cookies, or sodium nitrate in lunch meat.

"Health Yes! Medical Advisory Board"

With high blood pressure there is a higher risk for stroke, Health Yes! is a great resource for stroke risk screening.

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