Does A Stroke Cause A Hole In Brain?


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You do not get a hole in your brain because of a stroke. But if you already have in your brain at birth or because of an accident that is the only chance you get in your brain. The cause of brain stroke is sometimes called a ischemic hypodensity, which literally means a lack of blood vessels or blood flow. This can be termed as a mental switch, more than a brain tumor. There are certainly ways a neoplasm can cause this kind of problem. These days it is a very clean technology called MRI angiography, allowing physicians to identify all blood vessels in the head in detail.
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Lol. No a stroke does not cause a hole in the brain. What a stroke will do is affect the opposite side of the brain for the side of a stroke you had. For instances, if you had a left sided stoke, it would affect the right side of the brain. Each side having there own symptoms. Look up strokes on the internet and you will get a wealth of information.
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A stroke is a rupture or blockage in the blood vessels, if on the right side of the brain, will affect the bodily functions on the left of the body, not the brain. As well, there is tissue that surrounds it, so no gap will be left. Many people make a complete recovery from stroke with physio therapy and many regain most functions. Depending on where the stroke occurred and how severe, this will determine the chances of recovery

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