Would It Be OK To Cut Your Eye Lashes? Do You Think That They Will Grow Back?


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You've asked that if it is alright to cut the eye lashes. Well, for general yes it is alright and you can cut your eye lashes. But you must keep some important points in your mind that you must take care of personal hygiene after cutting your eye lashes. You must use the tool that is clean and germ free. You must also know this that your eye lashes will grow afterwards. So you don't need to be worry about them.

There is another important point that you must not cut them if it will harm your skin or your eyes in anyway. You must also understand one more thing that you should not pluck them by their roots. It can be very dangerous and it can cause pimples and acne problems on your skin. It will also affect your eyes. So you must be careful about it. And if your eye lashes are already good then you don't need to cut them off. Just be yourself! And it is the best thing a person can do. You can also take some medical advice before doing this from some doctors or medical personnel. I think it is enough.
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Eyelash is gifted by god. So, please don't cut them. If you have a problem with long or short lashes, then you can applying eyelash extensions. But don't cut them.

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I think its ok as long as you don't hurt yourself Or cut them off
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Don't cut your eyelashes, it is extremely dangerous and you could accidentally cut your eye causing serious damage.

Why do you want to cut your eyelashes? It is very fashionable and desirable to have long, lovely lashes. Women pay a lot of money for eyelash extensions.

If your eyelashes are causing you problems then you must see your doctor.

Don't ruin your looks, and be safe.

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