I Suffer From Chronic Itchy Eye Lids, Where The Eye Lashes Grow. Every Morning I Scratch The "Sleep" Out And They Get Irritated. Does Anyone Know What This Might Be Or How To Treat It?


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I have the same problem
Top and bottom of where my lashes grow. Have seen an allergist recently and got an oral prescription and drops and also told to use 1% hydrocortisone but as of yet nothing has really helped. VASELINE does help for the moment but I too am losing sleep because of the itch.
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You may want to consult an Opthomalogist about this. There could be some underlying infection or eye condition causing this .
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You need to go see the doctor. Anything to do with eyesight should not be delayed. There are things like blepharitis, conjunctivitis..... Obviously it is not a normal occurrence & should be treated medically by a trained physician.

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