My Rbc Is Low, Mcv And Mch High,no B12 Deficiency, What's Up?


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Did you ever find the answer to your question?  The reason I ask is because mine is also "out of range" (low rbc, high mcv and mch) but normal b-12 (lower end of the range) and extremely low iron storage.  My doctors are unable to figure out why... I'm thinking pernicious anemia since my rbc is low in number but large in cell size (which suggests PA) but since my b12 is normal, and in combo with low iron storage (which is normally seen with low mch and mcv - smaller cell size) hey are ruling that out...   Very frustrating.
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I am assuming that you got these results from blood test. You will need to set up an appointment with your dr to discuss the results. They will have the best and most accurate answer.
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It just mean you lack BLOOD.. You might be anemic..
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If these are blood test results, check with the doctor for accurate interpretation ....the best to you

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