What Happens When Bilirubin Blood Test Is Elevated?


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If you discover that your bilirubin blood test is high then you may have contracted a number of conditions, however I advise you to see a medical professional so you can go through all the symptoms with a doctor

  • What is jaundice?
You have probably heard of this term before but it is usually associated with new-born babies rather than adults. However adults can contract this condition too. It is actually rather common and the reason it is caused is when there are high bilirubin levels in the blood.

  • Hepatitis
This is one condition that is present when high levels of bilirubin are found in the blood. You may be aware that there are different types of hepatitis which accumulate to five known as A, B, C, D and E. The most common cause of this condition is alcohol abuse as well as ingesting contaminated food as well as water. The majority of the time it can be managed with the help of medical professionals.

  • Sepsis
This is a blood problem that can raise levels of bilirubin. The reason sepsis occurs is when micro-organisms travel into the blood stream and become infected. The most severe form of sepsis can lead to fatalities, however, antibiotics and bouts of treatment can help to manage the infection.

  • Hematoma
This medical term refers to the process of an accumulation of blood in one specific area. The most common cause for this condition is when a person suffers a bruise. Levels of bilirubin increase when a bruise starts to heal itself. As you notice the color of the bruise fading from black to yellow, the bilirubin levels are lowered.

I must stress that we are not a medical authority so it is imperative you seek guidance from a medical professional on this issue.
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It's been shown that people with high normal or slightly elevated bilirubin levels in blood have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases - so, as far as I can tell, that's a positive!

However, if this level has increased since a previous test, or is found in combination with other symptoms, it is possible that there could be some problem with, or damage to, the liver, or something related to jaundice. Hence, one would assume, the liver scan.

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