What Does Mono% Mean On A CBC W/diff Blood Test?


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The Mono % on a CBC test measure the amount of monocytes in blood. Monocytes are one of a few different types of white blood cells. When there is a variation in the number of white blood cells in a CBC count doctors will want to look at the specific types of white blood cells (which include monocytes) to help determine the cause of the abnormal white blood cell count. To determine the relevance of your monocyte count if your white blood cell count is abnormal you would have to first determine if your white blood cell count is too high or too low. Then you would determine which of your white blood cells subtypes is most abnormal. This would give you a medical name for your condition which could be used to find possible conditions that you may have. When you look at your CBC though you really need to look at the results as a whole picture. Having too many monocytes could be caused by chronic inflammation
stress response
immune-mediated disease
infectious mononucleosis
pyogranulomatous disease
red cell regeneration
Viral Fever

Having too few monocytes could be caused by acute infections, stress, treatment with glucocorticoids, aplastic anemia, hairy cell leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, treatment with myelotoxic drugs.

But, as I mentioned before yo uwould need to look at the whole picture of the CBC to determine which of these if any could be indicated by your blood test. I hope that this helps.

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