Is There Anything I Can Do At Home To Treat A Folliculitis Staph Infection?


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If it's on your face, you can soak a cotton ball with white vinegar.  Then rub the cotton ball all over your face twice a day.  This will soon cause the staph (look like pimples that won't pop and heal) to bleed out.  The blood is very contagious.  Use toilet paper to soak up the blood.  Change your pillow case daily.  The staph will spread around some, but will be gone in about a month.  If you go to a dermatologist, the antibiotics may or may not do the same thing - cause the staph infected follicles to rupture and bleed out.  For some reason doctors don't know about vinegar - and will try to hospitalize you if the first one or two antibiotics they try don't work.  If the staph gets onto an area of your skin that is softer and more fatty than your face - say the back of your neck - the same procedure works.  However, it will spread all around.  Just treat all the areas where it spreads quickly with the vinegar.  Also, use hand sanitizer after touching it.
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Try anti-bacterial soap and shampoo, frequent washing with warm-hot wash compress (keep everything super clean and use quite warm water).  To apply a compress, dilute 1 tbsp. White vinegar in 1 cup of warm-hot water and apply topically with a clean wash cloth.  Can also apply the warm-hot compress using Burrow's solution (5% aluminiumsubacetate, ask in a drug store for it).

Folliculitis can be caused by different things.  If caused by bacteria (folliculitis staph) and if it's fairly severe, then oral antibiotics are usually the best course. But they aren't always effective.  Not least because of the side effects you mention.

You could try a course of pro-biotic (talk to folk in a health food shop) to help counter the yeast infection problem.

Folliculitis can also be caused by fungi, but presumably your doctor has ruled this out.

Mild topical antibiotics can also be used to treat Folliculitis staph, these have fewer side effects than the oral antibiotics although they also tend to be less effective.

There are anti-microbial topical creams you could try to get over-the-counter (talk to a pharmacist): Fusidic acid and Mupirocin.  Read more.

Also Check out this previous blurtit Q.

Chronic cases of folliculitis may be resolved by laser treatment to remove the hair follicles completely.

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