How Do You Treat Yellow Fly Bites?


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I was bit on the calve by a yellow fly and had no reaction for 24hours and then my calve swelled up look like my thigh by the time I made it to the ER My leg was so swollen that my toes were tingling and I was told by the doctor if you have a reaction right after the bite it is allergic and if you have reaction1-2days later it is infection caused by the bite. Only cured by antibiotics! And now 3days after the antibiotics the swelling is gone but the itching is unbearable!
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The yellow fly has biting habits to man. The male does not bite but only female bites. Its bite cause pain, inflammation and itching. It usually bite on exposed body areas. It can be treated by applying a corticosteroid immediately after bite and taking anti allergy medicines.
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Does the bite just leave a bite mark there or does it leave a mark for the rest of your life and how long does it take for it to go down?

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