My Husband Has Yellow Spots In His Eyes That Come And Go, What Is This And How Can We Treat It ?


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Many people find that they have underlying health problems when they go for a simple eye exam. When you have a routine physical, the doctor usually checks your eyes, ears, nose and throat. That is because these areas can show physical problems.I would make an appointment with another doctor when the yellowing is occurring in the eyes. Be persistent!! Also check with your local Department of Children and Families to see if you and your husband qualify for Medicaid. You do Not have to have children to qualify. If you can't afford to pay for health insurance then you probably do qualify for government assisted medical. Good Luck.
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Yellow spots in the eyes can reflect an eye disease that are characterized by lesions, called Pingueculae and Pterygiae. Pingueculae are fleshy lesions that occur next to cornea towards the nose. Whereas Pterygiae is the advanced stage of the former lesions as they have extended to the cornea as well. It can be removed through surgery but it has a history of recurrence. These are caused by ultraviolet radiation and dry and warm climate. Thus, proper care must be taken for protection against UV and dust.
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This is one possibility of several. Yellowing of the eyes could be a liver problem. I don't want to say its jaundis, but I would see a doctor to be certain.

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