I Smoked For 15 Years, Am I At Risk Of Lung Cancer?


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Yes. But if you stop now, your lungs can get better.
I'm telling this from experience.
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The longer you smoke for the higher the risk. So stopping after 15 years is much better than stopping at 20 or 25 years, and certainly much better than never stopping at all.

About 15 years after you stopped your risk of getting lung cancer will be about (in a statistical average way) the same as someone who never smoked at all. Year on year, normal cells will have replaced the abnormal potentially abnormal cells in the lungs.

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Cancer is your own cells that have gone to the dark side. This is exactly why current methods of cancer treatment are so hard on a patient.
Smoking increases the risk of at least 13 other cancers. You can see how these cancers correspond to how smoke travels and is absorbed by your body. You are risking of getting mouth, throat, voice box, gullet, bladder, pancreas, kidney, liver, stomach, bowel, cervix, ovary, nose, sinuses and blood cancer.

If you already quit with every year your risk of developing lung cancer due to smoking will decrease. It takes time for your body to clean itself. It is considered that it takes 10 years for your risk level to decrease to level of person who never smoked.

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