Could I Have Lung Cancer?


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See a doctor.  Obviously.  Still, none of your symptoms means you have lung cancer.  Lots of things can cause your symptoms.  Smoking is not helpful, of course, but it's a choice.  If you DO have lung cancer, this doesn't mean that you are going to die.  It DOES mean a fight.  So, quit the smoking, see a doctor, and quit smoking.  And GOOD LUCK.  You are a fellow human life and we all support you.
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You need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Try smoking less in the mean time. Do you smoke menthol? Typically the menthol will give you that back pain. That is a symptom of pluracy (separation of the lung lining) Very curable! Best to be sure, a doctor is best in this instance. One of the questions he will ask you is if there is family history of cancer, make sure to know that answer before you see the doctor.
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Anybody can have lung cancer.  It's very fair that way.
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Wow you've been doing that, smoking, yes anyone can have it. Since you've been smoking, lung cancer. I suggest you to quit it and go see you docter

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