How Many People Die Of Lung Cancer Each Year From Smoking?


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Approximately 21900 people die from lung cancer each year.
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400,000 I think. So sad.
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4000 thousand people die of  lung cancer each year
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6.5 million people
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An astonishing number, to say the least! In the year 2000, about 4 million people died of smoking all around the world. In America alone today, about 400,000 people die every year because of smoking. Even more shocking are the numbers in China: 2000 people every day!
It has been estimated that if this trend continues, over 6 million people will die in 2015 and more than 8 million in 2030. Imagine that!

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My grandfather is one of those who died from it... It kept me from smoking and it made my mom quit
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I'm sorry to hear that Ryanna! And yeah, better safe than sorry!

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