How Can I Relax Myself Mentally?


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Everyone finds it difficult to relax their mind from time to time. Some people have more trouble than most, but there are some simple techniques you can use to help with this, which I'll describe below.

Stop Worrying About the Future
We all have concerns about how the future is going to pan out, and which play on our minds. But worrying is unproductive, and should be considered wasted energy.

It's only possible to relax if your mind is in the present moment, and not running over a long list of what terrible things might go wrong.

By all means plan for the future, and take the steps you need to make sure that you get the things you want out of life. But don't waste time worrying about things that you can't control, and always set aside relaxation time during which you don't think about anything in particular.

Indulge in Doing Something You Enjoy
We all have pursuits that we enjoy, and experiencing enjoyment is relaxing. I even combine two of my favourite pursuits - writing, whilst listening to music.

However, I would say it's important not to end up doing the same things over and over again, because, even if you enjoy those pursuits, eventually their familiarity will take away some of the pleasure.

Place Less Emphasis on the Opinions of Others
So many of us are guided by a desire to please others, but other people aren't leading our lives - we are! Don't base your life on seeking the approval of others, because then you will create a psychological environment in which it will be impossible ever to relax.

This is not to say that you should disregard the opinions of others, of course, but that you just need to take more of an objective view of them - and avoid confusing the judgements of other people with your own self-appraisal.
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Whereas some people prefer physical relaxation, others prefer mental relaxation. Mental relaxation is based on the assumption that if you calm yourself mentally, all the physical sensations like shaking knees, quivering voice and so forth will go away.

In other words, for some people the physical follows the mental. Here are four techniques that you can use to relax yourself mentally before making presentations.

First, you might like to try the systematic desensitization technique. In this procedure, developed by psychiatrist Joseph Wolpe, you force yourself to relax, as you imagine or act out a series of successfully more anxiety-ridden situations.

Force yourself to remain physically relaxed during the sessions. For example, here is a series of four sessions in which you imagine each of the following:

• Preparing a presentation
• Practicing the presentation
• Walking on to the stage
• Delivering the presentation

Secondly, there is the "think positive" argument, put forward by Dale Carnegie. According to Carnegie, if you regulate your actions first, then your thinking will change.

Specifically, if you act as if you were brave, then you will soon feel brave. Therefore, to develop courage in front of an audience, simply act as if you already have it.

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