Why My Tongue Hurts In The Back?


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There seem to be an awful lot of questions revolving around what it could be when the tongue hurts in the back. Unfortunately, there are a lot more questions about it then there are answers.

  • Cold or Sore Throat
Some of the things that were suggested as possible causes were colds and sore throats. Apparently, sometimes a sore throat can simply feel like it is the back of the tongue.

  • Oral Hygiene
On occasion, poor oral hygiene can cause bacterial infections. Giving the tongue a good brush while cleaning the teeth may help to ease the problem.

  • Ear, Nose or Throat Problems
The ears, nose and throat are all very closely connected. A problem within one of these areas may well affect the back of the tongue.

  • Injury
It is also possible that a sharp piece of some food item may have cut or grazed the tongue at the back. It is unlikely that it was hot food, a this would affect the front of the tongue first of all.

  • Smoking and Allergies
Smoking excessively can also be a possible cause. The way it affects the smoker's throat can easily also affect the back of the tongue.

Allergic reactions occasionally make the tongue swell or hurt. In this case, it could be something that was eaten, a drink or even an insect bite.

  • Suggestions
Some of the suggestions how to deal with a hurting tongue include gargling with a saltwater solution. Gargling with three to four drops of Bergamot essential oil in a glass of tepid water may also be of help.

Unfortunately, we do not have the medical knowledge to give more specific advice. If symptoms persist for a prolonged period of time, sufferers should consider getting a professional diagnosis, as there may be a more serious problem behind the pain.
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This is the most annoying thing ever, feels like I'm going to catch a cold, but its just a sore throat and  like the back of my tongue, close to the sides, really hurting =(, I do not smoke or drink, or do drugs, no sinus problems, it just.....showed up....  And its very irritating its been 6 days now.... Please help me =(
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This is not a cyst. This growth does not cause any disease but the victim can have difficulty in speech and also in swallowing. The surgeon can solve this problem by surgery
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Have you bitten your tongue? I did that a few days ago.

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Did you ever get a diagnosis of this. My fifteen year old showed me this on her tongue last night.
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If you have your tonsils, this may be pain from infected tonsils, or a buildup of bacteria on the back of the tongue. Is your tongue pierced? Maybe an infection? Or yo may be chewing your tongue in your sleep and simple need a mouth guard, available in drug stores, and moldable to the shape of your upper teeth.

Good luck.
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HiI do not have an answer to this question but my daughter now has this thing too. We have taken her to the doctors today and he says he has never seen anything like this before. We have been referred to th ear nose and throat specialist but the appointment is in 2 weeks time and it is driving me crazy as to what it could be. Did you ever get an answer as to what it was and, if so, what is it and what was the solution or fix.I would really appreciate an answer as I am going nutsThank you in advance
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My five year old daughter also has this and has since birth.  It doesn't cause her problems with speech, eating, etc.  I have taken her to several doctors and dentists, none of whom have ever seen this or can tell me what it is.  As long as my baby is happy and healthy...
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I'm 25 and I've had this all my life. It's painless, causes no health problems nor any speech issues. I was told (and 25 years have proven) that is rare but completely harmless and useless.

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