What Does It Mean If I Have Red Bumps On The Back Of My Tongue?


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A healthy tongue should look clean, pink and should be covered with small papillae which are where your taste buds are contained. If your tongue looks red, or even black or white then this could just be a sign of poor oral hygiene. In rare cases however, it could be a sign of an underlying serious condition.

Red bumps on the back of your tongue however, are not usually something that should worry you too much as they could be caused by quite a number of small things.

If you smoke or have recently eaten spicy foods then the red bumps could just be caused by the excessively high temperature created by either of these two things. Your skin flushes and becomes red when you are hot, well your tongue does exactly the same. The only way to solve this is to stop smoking or eating spicy foods as regularly as you do, although people may find this difficult.

Small red bumps on the back of your tongue could also be caused by a small infection which shouldn't be something you should worry about too much. Visit your pharmacist and ask them about a decent mouth gel which should be able to clear this up in no time. However, if you notice that your lymph node glands on either side of your neck are also swollen then you should make an appointment to visit your Doctor as soon as possible as this could be a sign of an underlying infection that needs immediate treatment.

If the mouth gel doesn't work, or the red bumps are still there after cutting back on smoking and spicy foods then you should also go to see your Doctor. They will be able to fully examine you and check for symptoms before making an informed diagnosis and deciding what the best course of treatment will be.
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The red bumps are caused due to excessive temperature inside your mouth, avoid eating spicy foods, and stop chewing tobacco, smoking for a while, you can call it a food allergy too, nothing much serious, its a common phenomena.
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The red bump on the back of your tongue does not need to be a much worrying thing since it occurs due to a small infection of the tongue.A good mouth gel will solve this problem.As for your lymph gland is swollen,you will have to get it checked from a physician because it might be a bigger infection or fever.

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