Will A Navel Infection Have White Stuff In The Area?


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No, your piercing is most likely not infected, just irritated. A navel piercing can take up to 12 months to heal, and it is normal to have a small bit of swelling and discharge. Your body is just getting used to the jewellery.

If it was infected, you would have a lot of swelling, and a smelly brown discharge.
The best way to clean the piercing is to use a saline solution. Boil the kettle, add 1/4 teaspoon of SEA salt, and then let it cool a bit, and use cotton buds to clean it with. Never dip a used cotton bud back into the water. Also, keep your hands away from the piercing!!

Don't apply creams or anything to the piercing, and try relieve any pressure (ie, tight clothing and sleeping on your front)

Good luck,
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I have white stuff just aroung the whole, is that bad?
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Yes, an infected navel will have white stuff, the white stuff is puss. Take the belly ring out and clean daily with peroxide or neosporin until the infection is cleared up. The navel is the most frequently infected area with piercings. Buy a good ring if you must keep it pierced, not the cheap metal ones.

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