What Is A White Cauliflower-like Infection Of The Throat?


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Cauliflower-like Infection Of The Throat can be due to HPV. Because there are 100 species of HPV which cause infections on different parts of the body. Out of these 30 species are STD. HPV types like 6,11,16 and 18 can cause Cauliflower-like Infection on genital area, anus and throat. In  my opinion visit a doctor to test for HPV because there are many studies which report that Cauliflower-like Infection Of The Throat can develop to throat cancer.
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To Jimmy18, from Vathompson, this is not a wart like cluster on the tonsil or just behind the tonsil, this looks like a small cluster of cauliflower, do you still think the same now, please respond. Thank you
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It could be that there is food that is caught there, and it may cause some discomfort to you until you can get it cleaned off, you need to go and see an ear,nose, and throat doctor for this, I just went through this myself. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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