Sometimes It Feels Like My Heart Skips A Beat. Should I See A GP?


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It's most likely to be premature ventricular contractions (PVCs). If the problem has come on slowly over time and has not caused you problems before, then you can probably just continue life as normal. Medically, there doesn't seem to be a clear cause of PVCs and they do not appear to be life-threatening (no clear-cut recorded cases of them progressing to heart disease or severe illness). However, PVCs do cause considerable anxiety in some cases ('When will my heart start beating again?!' feeling). If the PVCs are stressing you out or if they have starting happening suddenly then it is worth speaking to your GP.

Unfortunately, because in most cases there is no underlying cause of PVCs there is also no really effective treatment. Sufferers usually find that cutting out caffeine (and any other stimulants, such as certain herbs) reduces both the frequency and duration of PVC incidents. Minimising alcohol consumption may also help.

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