How To Deal With A Schizophrenic Patient?


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From a medical point of view, most types of schizophrenia can be helped by medication. Drugs offered are antipsychotic (Largactil is very common) or neuroleptic (combating depression or anxiety, like Cipramil.)
Where therapy helps, it is usually of a practical, goal-oriented nature. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can help patients to focus on managing their daily lives and goals; also, as schizophrenics tend to be very isolated, group therapy (or family therapy) is sometimes beneficial. Family and friends can help by offering the patient a structured, organised environment with plenty of routine and clear, open communication, so s/he feels secure. It is important to remind patients to take their medication, which they often forget (or refuse) to do, to encourage them to seek support and, as a carer, to get help and support for yourself. The mental health website has detailed information and advice both for schizophrenic patients and their families.

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