Sometimes, My Heart Starts Beating Really Fast, Even When I'm Relaxed, For A Couple Of Seconds Then Goes Back To Normal Again. Why Does This Happen? Please Help.


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Instead of repeating things that the other answers have already said, I'm just going to tell you that sometimes your heart can beat fast just by extreme thinking.It has happened to me. But yeah, you might want to check with your doctor just in case, and definitely tell your mother.
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I've heard of a form of arrhythmia called super-ventricular tachycardia and it was caused by a small extra flap of skin in the heart which sometimes makes the pulse double back on itself and go crazy. The possible cures were surgery up the leg into the heart which would burn that extra flap of skin (which worked well), and a steroid type thing you have to take for the rest of your life (sounds terrible, don't know if it works)
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G'day Omnom,

Thank you for your question.

It sounds like you might have arrhythmia. You need to see a doctor about it asap.

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I'll go with Keithold on his answer. My mom had something similar, they called it a 'Murmur' although I'm not sure how medical this term is.
Her heart typically beats 1 and 1/3 or 1/2 to a normal persons 1.
She felt similar things before being diagnosed, there are pills to correct this.
Consult a doctor for sure.
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Are you having a carbohydrate attack,
do you feel over energetic, caffeine can enpower you with spurts of energy. Does your nose bleed
If it ain't anything of the sort it could be slight murmers in your heart. Signs of a mild stroke.
I'd visiting the doctor's office  right soon.or your nearest hospital, to fully get an exmanination.
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Fluttering in the heart can be caused by so many different things. I was born with a slight murmur, that was supposed to go away, the doctor never says that she hears it now. I also have panic/anxiety disorder that causes the same thing, but, with this comes emotions that cause you to think differently about what is happening to you. Like, "I am going to die", "what is wrong", different thoughts. Usually not good thoughts. There are other things, like what other people mentioned here that this could be, but,... You will not know for sure what this is until you see your doctor about it. I hope this helps, and even if this doesn't happen daily, you should go and see your doctor. Best of luck to you.
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Medical questions of ANY kind should be directed ONLY to your physician, and not to a bunch of online people whom you do not personally know.  It is potentially dangerous to trust any diagnosis to online strangers.  I would never do that, and you shouldn't, either.
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Ok, ok. Sorry?
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If you were truly sorry, you'd give my answer a "thumbs up." (Joking!!!!)

I'm not "scolding" you at all; I'm expressing serious concern for the safety and well-being of a fellow human being.

Nothing "wrong" with that, right?
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Still no "Thumbs Up," I see...
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It some times happen no need to worry about it. I had the same problem 3 months back in the midnight around 3 A.M. It was there for few minutes and came back to normal.
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I know at one time when I started suffering with anxiety I would lay down a night and my heart would race at times as you have referred to ...The doctor told me it was anxiety after I started treating the anxiety it never happened again...

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