My Dad Has Liver Disease,would It Make His Skin Turn Black,low Body Temperature And Cold Skin?


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There's so much to say here.  BUT, instead.....let me share just one thing---Find Doug Kaufmann's television show on your satellite or cable channel. He speaks about molds, foods, fungus, vitamins, exercise---and, just about everything under the sun that explains the issues people have--their origins and what to do to move forward in dealing with those issues.      Go to and you will find a lot of common sense, medical and holistic advise both. Listening to Doug is like reading a book and not wanting to put it down!  FUNGUS is the key. Fungus is what you want to educate yourself about. It plays a BIG role in all illnesses---you won't believe what you will learn.  CANCER???? AGAIN...LISTEN to Doug Kaufmann's Know The Cause show.       Rashes?  Psoriasis?  Thyroid issues? Forgetful? Candida Albicans? Yeast infections?  ADHD? Itching? Chronic or moderate sinusitus? Itching? Ticks? (Ticks are nervous habits like twitching, making noises and grunts, or repeating words again and again.)  Depressed?! Fatigued!?? Liver Disease? Gerd? (gastric reflux), Gout? Diabetes????   Heart disease? Lung disease? Poor eyesight? Constant earraches? Lots of headaches or migraine headaches? Sore scratchy throats? Voice sounds raspy a lot? Arthritis? Bursitis? Joint pain? Hemmoroids? Do you have any of these symptoms? I have had...most of my life, until I found Doug Kaufmann.    I could go on, and on.  Read up and LISTEN to Doug Kaufmann. Doctors have known it for years, the REAL roll fungus plays in ALL KINDS OF ILLNESSES!  Do yourself a favor. Order the short booklet  called "The Germ that Causes Cancer"...we all have cancer, did you know that? Here's how to keep it at bay and deal with a diagnosis.      If you don't do anything else today, Call 1-972-772-0990.  Go online first to see who Doug Kaufmann is and listen closely to what he says. He's helped THOUSANDS and saved many lives, as well!      If you don't have satellite, then just go online.  His show is on daily, online. He's unbelievable.  Watch more than one day. He is on during the day and evening both, depending on where you live in the U.S. He also gives an opportunity to write questions to him online that he answers on his television show!    Believe in healing yourself...with your persistence and prayer, you will get it done!    My husband and I are huge fans of Doug Kaufmann.  And we are almost totally healed.  He is brilliant and we are now having amazing lives!  We love and appreciate him. You will too! Honest.

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