Is Stage 4 Cirrhosis The Last Stage Before Death?


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Stage four cirrhosis is regarded by doctors as the end-stage of the liver disease. There is no real guaranteed generic time frame that is applicable to all sufferers who are at this stage; it is mostly down to individual cases and any other contributing factors that the individual also has.

The disease does differ in its severity and has also been categorised by the Child-Pugh scale. This scale groups the severity of the condition on a spread of classes.

At class A of the Child-Pugh scale, the disease is regarded to be quite acute and the chance of survival is very high. The chance of surviving the following year ahead of diagnosis is at a 100 per cent and for the year after that 85 per cent.

At class B, this is where the cirrhosis is becoming more severe and problematic for the individual. The chance of surviving the following year ahead is 81 per cent and the year after that is at 57 per cent.

The most severe category on the Child-Pugh scale for cirrhosis is class C. This is when the cirrhosis has become much more severe and difficult for the individual. The chance of surviving the following year is 45 per cent and the year after that 35 per cent.

In comparison with the category of stage four, it is assumed that it is relational to class C of the Child-Pugh scale. However, it is very important that you are consulting with your doctor to find out information about your individual case of cirrhosis. They can give you best plan of action for combating the effects of the disease and making yourself as comfortable as possible for what time you have left.
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I have been in the 4th stage  non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver since 2006. In that year  one third of my liver was removed due to a tumor that was in my liver. I can't be put on the list because I am on blood thinners do to I am a blood clots. I have diabetes, heart problems. Have already had a mild stroke after my aortic valve replacement and by pass. I was told a transplant would not work. How long do you think I have. I have multiple disabilities. What can I expect towards the end. The doctor told me I will have cancer with this type of cirrhosis in the 4th stage.
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Its the last stage but death could be many years away
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Thanks,,,,,,my boyfriend doctor told him low ct of protein is good so salt......
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I have fatty liver cirrhosis but when I try to talk to my dr. She wont   tell me what   stage I have she changes the subject
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Just found out today I have stage 4 cirrhosis,fatty liver,hepc. Doing pils for 6 months to see if I can get fat cleared then do treatments for hep c  Usually how long do I have to live?

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