Can You Show Me Pictures Of Shingles?


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The best way to find pictures of shingles is to use the search engine ‘’. At the top of the screen there are different options for what you would like to search such as ‘Web,’ Images’, ‘Maps’, ‘Videos’, ‘News’. Click on ‘Images’ and in the search box type ‘Shingles’. It should produce 1,380,000 results across 91 pages.
The first few pages will be the most relevant. They may become irrelevant or and some of the pictures may be of the type of shingles using in building. Beware that some of these photographs show extreme cases of shingles so it is not recommended that anyone who is particularly squeamish or easily disturbed should view these photographs.
It is not recommended that you use these photographs as a way of identifying shingles. If you believe you have shingles then you should seek medical attention and it must be treated as soon as possible as shingles are highly contagious and can lead to chicken pox.
Shingles will begin with sensitive skin that appears like a rash and the area can be extremely painful as it tingles and burns. Flu like symptoms may then follow and you feel achy, tired, and nauseous and have headaches and perhaps even a fever. A patch of red spots usually appears on one side of the neck or face which can develop into fluid-filled blisters which will eventually collapse and form small ulcers on the skin. These will then dry out and form crusty scabs where the spots once were. Pain where this rash once was is extremely common and, for some people, it can last for some time. This is referred to as post-herpetic neuralgia and is much more likely to occur the older you are. People with intractable post-herpetic pain often become depressed.
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Shingles is just one form of herpes zoster, chicken pox are too. You can go to or Either one of these sites will be very informative for you. I wouldn't plan on seeing pictures of the genitalia though, it will be on the more acceptable parts of the body, such as the neck or elsewhere. Hope this helps, you probably want to go to the doctor. Good luck.
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Shingles are like chicken pox just worse. They start out looking like a small rash in an area then you will see the blisters, which is when they are highly contagious because they will seep. You will run fevers off and on and you should stay away from people as much as you can. They will turn to scabs before starting to heal. Shingles are very painful and the pain can last up to a year off and on. Although expensive, there is a injection to fight off shingles that I recommend strongly if you are around someone who has it or if you are finally starting to heal from having them. Remember shingles are very contagious!
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Shingles is a disease that is usually appears on the skin so it can be cured. You can identify the symptoms by looking pictures of shingles. Check this website for details.
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