Where Are Lymph Nodes? Can You Show Me Pictures Of Lymph Nodes?


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Lymph nodes are easily explained as ‘the bodies sewage system’  When you are ill, or there is something that is attacking your cells, the lymph nodes take those infected cells and try to rid them of your system, this is why your lymph nodes get swollen when you are sick.

Lymph nodes are found in three areas of the body:
1.Upper body: Neck, throat, base of your head, around your collar bone, chin and jaw
2.Arms:  The lymph nodes in your arms are categorized in to two sub-categories, the superficial which are throughout your arm and in your hands and deep lymph nodes which are in much larger groups throughout the arm.
3.Lower body:  Similar to the locations of the lymph nodes in the arms, they are comprised of superficial and deep lymph nodes around your hips and femur.
To find diagrams of lymph nodes, type in ‘diagram of lymph nodes’ in a search engine that contributes photos (ex: Google, Bing).

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The lymph nodes are all over the body, in fact the lymphatic system pretty much follows the circulatory system, but they are not the same.  In most places the lymphs are within an inch of the blood vessels.  The most common ones - the ones most folks are talking about when they say, "My lymph nodes are swollen" are in the neck area (as in mumps) and under the arms, but they actually follow the circulatory system all over the body.  The groin area and the upper chest below the collar bone area have some that often swell up too, when a person has an infection.  I do not have a picture to send, sorry.
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Unfortunately, I am unable to download for you here, so best to go to google or and make request there. is less saturated with information. Make sure you are clear in your request, and you should be able to get photos there
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Lymph nodes basically are the mechanism of the lymphatic arrangement. They are also known as lymph glands but since they do not exude substances, hence such terminology is not accurately right.

Generally in human beings there are roughly 500-600 lymph nodes spread all through the body, with huge bunches found in the underarm, groin, neck, chest and stomach. The human lymph nodes generally are in the shape of beans and normally are one to two centimetres in size during under normal condition. These nodes often become inflated because of tumour or infection.

Lymph nodes basically play the role of filters having an inner honeycomb of reticular connective tissue packed with lymphocytes which gather and demolish bacteria and viruses. Generally when the body is countering infections, lymphocytes reproduce quickly and create a typical swelling of the lymph nodes.
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THe most easily palpated (Felt) lymph nodes are in the neck and in the underarm area. They travel next to the veins. Find your Carotid artery on the neck (you will feel a pulse), then move your finger straight up to your jaw. Feel a small lump to the lateral (outside) of the artery. That is a large lymph node. Lymph nodes get enlarged and easily palpated when they are inflamed, such as when you have a virus or a serious illness. They drain the "Bad" stuff from your body. Lymph nodes under the armpits is closer to the breast or pectoral muscle. Place your right hand under your left armpit. Now, the fingers are pointing to the heart. Squeeze under the arm toward the heart and you will feel a slight lumpy vascular structure. These are your lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are all over the body, usually next to veins.

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