Have A Pimple Looking Thing Under My Eye--looks Like It Could Be Squeezed, But Can't. Been There For Months Now. How Do I Get Rid Of It?


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You have a case of sty...which is like a bump under your eye...here are some of many remedies to get rid of it...

1. My grandma is very superstitious so theres this one vietnamese thing that says for you to take a piece of string and wind it around your middle finger on the hand opposite from your sty eye. So if its your right hand, wind it around your left and vice versa. Also, if you're boy you do it 7 times and for girls you do 9.

2. Take sty medication...of course...

3. Run a clean washcloth under hot water, squeeze out half of the water and fold the cloth in half, and then roll it like a burrito. Press it to the affected eye until it cools. Do this twice a day, morning and night. Be careful! The water might be too hot!!!

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