How Do You Know If You Have Syphilis?


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The symptoms for syphilis depend on the stage of the disease. But a significant proportion of infected individuals may not show any symptoms. It may take up to three months after infection for the symptoms of primary syphilis to become evident. In the absence of symptoms, microscopic identification of syphilis bacteria; and blood tests are the best methods of diagnosis.
The symptoms of primary syphilis are:
• presence of one or more sores on the genitals, mouth or rectum, which could pus and be extremely painful. This lasts for around six weeks.
• small lumps caused by swollen glands in the groins.

The symptoms of secondary syphilis generally appear some weeks after ulcers have gone, and may disappear in a few weeks. But they may keep recurring and disappearing for years. The symptoms are:
• a rash of dark patches mostly on the palms and soles, which is not-itchy,
• feeling unwell, feverish, fatigue and malaise, headaches,
• wart-looking growths on the genitals,
• white patches on the insides of the mouth,
• patchy hair loss (alopecia),
• in some cases, major body organs like the liver, kidneys and brain get affected.

The symptoms of tertiary syphilis are:
• infiltrative and destructive lesions on the skin, bones, or liver
• cardiovascular syphilis, which causes inflammation of the aorta
• central nervous system disorders that could involve meninges, brain, eye, spinal cord, or auditory system.
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I am sure someone out there would be guided by your answer in deciding whether or not to have sex with somebody.
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If you were born with this virus and you were treated for it do you still have it or does that mean that you still have it?
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What if you were born with the virus and you were treated for it as a baby does that person still have it or does it just show up in your blood?
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I have red spots on palms of my hand and it looks like someone poking me with a needle and on my spots if you see it in the sun light its a little white bumps and my and is a light yellows color. In the sun light the white bumps on the palms of my hand spread all over and only notice I had one or two on one hand then about maybe a week or two my other hand. Some times you could feel the bumps and some times you don't. I start getting small bumps on my skin on my fingers but it looks different on the palm. Its like a circle bump and very small like a pimple. I popped it. It looks like I got burn by an iron or when you wear shoes and it rubs on your skin you get blisters on your feet and it like a bubble of juice in it. But the only
different when I found one on my elbow, I popped it and it feels like ruff skin not soft like it is easy to pop. It almost a little different from a pimple. But Its not ugly I just don't want all that stuff popping out all over my body and it would look ugly it you have those on your body.
I took a blood test for my high blood, thyroid, cholestarol, and diabetes but nothing shows any signs of any disease. I took a A.I.D. Test and nothing. The nurse told me that it takes 6 months to show on test because I went in to check why am I bleeding heavy and non stop periods and of course I'm not feeling good. But I had this problem for a long time and I had a baby. I couldn't get a S.T.D. And syphilis test because I'm bleeding so they told me I have to see a specialist for that problem so they could give me a pap test. I went and saw a gynacoloist and he said that my uterus is large and he request for me to get an ultra sound or to stick a camera in my virgina. But I miss the appointment two times but too stop the bleeding they gave me birth control pills and it it been three months and three day thats when I start having things on my hands. I got test for A.I.D. On November and I got my blood test February and pap test and nothing shows anything is wrong. The birth control they gave me was for the pap test then later I got my results they gave me another birth control to stop the bleeding. And I suppose to get another testing for my uterus but I missed it and three months and three day later I'm still having a bleeding problem and something on my hands and I don't know what it is and what is wrong. I don't know if I have a disease or cancer. What do you think?
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I had unprotected sex like an idiot. About 2 weeks after I noticed a sore. I have had a very firm, raised, sometimes reddish sore for about 5 weeks. The sore never popped until I stabbed it with a needle, a small white ball and some blood came out? I have had mild sore throat and headaches.

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