How Can Doctors Diagnose An Ulcer?


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I do not think they really can diagnose it with out having to do a procedure where they run a tub with a light attached to look into your stomach.
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To see whether indications or signs are become the reason of an ulcer, it may be possible that the doctor may do a higher gastrointestinal (GI) sequences or an endoscopy. A higher GI series is a type of an x ray of the throat, abdomen, and duodenum. The patient drinks chalky fluid known as barium to create these organs and any ulcers illustrate up more visibly on the x ray.

An endoscopy is a test that requires an endoscope, a slim, lighted tube with a minute camera on the last part. The patient is calmly a slept, and the doctor watchfully eases the endoscope into the mouth and downward the gullet to the abdomen and duodenum. This permits the physician to see the coating of the esophagus, abdomen, and duodenum.

The physician can also use the endoscope to get images of ulcers or it may be possible that they may remove a little part of tissue to observation under a microscope. This process is known as biopsy. If an ulcer is hemorrhage, the medical doctor can apply the endoscope to insert the drugs that encourage clotting or to lead a heat search that cauterizes the ulcer.

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