How Do I Know If It's A Stomach Ulcer?


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I have a stomach ulcer, and anything spicy, greasy or fried aggravates it.  As well as anything with an acidic base.  I drink lots of milk, and take nexium.  If you take care of your ulcer and take your medications, you can pretty much eat the same things you did before, just less of it  and less often.  Ulcers, affect different people in different ways, you have to see what works and what doesn't for you.  If you haven't been to see a Gastroenterologist, I suggest you do, especially if it is just a primary care doctor diagnosing you with an ulcer.  Hope this helps.  Good-Luck.
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With ulcers it means your stomach has produced so much acid that it is eating away your stomach liner which has caused a hole(an ulcer) in your stomach and that the acid reflex has gotten worse and that is the caused of the ulcer. The d should have givin you some protonic or nexium.and you need to go to a gastrotoligist asap so they can do special testing like an upper gi and that is a scope down your throat. But you will be a sleep for it and it is real easy nd painless except you might have a little sore throat and that is it.  good luck!!!!
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You might have stomach ulcers if you are facing any of these problems: lower abdominal pain, feeling sick, indigestion, loss of appetite etc... then you should consult a doctor.

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