Can Stomach Ulcers Be Seen On A Ct Scan?


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Many of the illnesses that people suffer from today are stress related and can be extremely hazardous to your health and therefore it is very important to try and track them down as early as you can so they can be treated quickly. A stomach ulcer is something that occurs generally because of stress or a poor diet and they are not always detected early. If they are not treated they can become extremely painful very quickly, so if you have a particularly stressful lifestyle or job it is important to get checked out frequently just in case you have a stomach ulcer forming. Many doctors and physicians will use a CT scan in order to try and detect a stomach ulcer. This is quite a good way to see if there are any abnormalities in the stomach region, normally if there is something wrong the CT scan will show some shadowing in the affected area and thus your doctor will be able to prescribe some treatment for you. Although the CT scan is an effective way to seek out stomach ulcers, most doctors and physicians believe that a gastroscopy is the best way to find them. This is a procedure where a long tube will be inserted through the nose into the stomach so that your doctor can see exactly what is inside. You will be put under an anaesthetic for this procedure.
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A cat scan will detect a shadow if you will, to let them know there is something there that is abnormal. The best exam to have is called a gastroscopy. That is a long tube like equipment that is introduced through the nose down to the stomach where the Dr will be looking right at it. Don't worry they put you to twilight land now.
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Yes, my Father has them done regularly to keep a check on his stomach cancer.  Also, an ultrasound will work, just not as well.

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