How Do You Get A Schizophrenic To Take His Medication?


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Schizophrenia refers to a mental disorder which affects a person’s perception. The people suffering from Schizophrenia do not always have the true awareness of reality and they act paranoid and often have hallucinations. These people also tend to have bizarre behavior and speech. Some of the patients also have selective memory and don’t remember everything from the past or even the present and they tend to forget their own condition sometimes.

While dealing with a Schizophrenic, it is important to know that they don’t always understand and comprehend what someone is saying to them and they can have mood abnormalities and they can react violently sometimes. Although it depends on how severe the condition of the patient is.

If a person is a mild Schizophrenic and can be treated at home, then you can make them take the medication by behaving in a way that they trust you and don’t suspect you as Schizophrenics usually tend to do. You need to convince them of their condition and that you mean no harm. You can persuade them into it. But if the problem is severe and the patient tends to act violently, then the patient might need to be admitted to some institution so that they can get professional help.

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If there are a lot of problems getting a Schizophrenic to take his/her meds
one thing you might be able to do is to either crush it up in his/her food or in a drink.
There are some meds that you can't do this with so be sure to ask the Dr or pharmacist.
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I work in a mental hospital as a social worker and this is a common problem.  Treat them with respect, dignity, and be honest.  I wouldn't recommend crushing medication into their food.  As soon as they figure it out, and they will, of course it will increase their paranoia... And rightfully so!

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