What Are Symptoms Of Internal Bleeding In Cats?


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There is no such term of internal bleeding for cats. They have internal parasites. Most feline parasites are of their hosts while the are common among cats and are of no serious concern but you should take your cat to the vet to discover the real thing. Common internal parasites are:

1. Round worms are a common parasite in cats that are either passed firm their mother or licking infected soil. These worms quickly multiply in colonies and look like long strings.
2. Tape worm are also in the cats they feed from nutrients in the digestive track
3. Hook worms and ring worms are other internal parasite but infestation are isolated and occur in humid places
4. Toxoplmosis is also a cat worm that is also present in human babies.
5. Coccidiosis is found in the feces .it can be caught by eating infected mice.
However the following easy to follow steps can fight these internal parasites:
1. Home doctoring by worming paste
2. Monitoring outdoor life
3. Its better to be safe than sorry: take your cat regularly to the vet. take special care of the nursing mother so that the kittens are well protected
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Do you even know what internal bleeding means? I suppose not, giving the answer you gave, clever. Internal bleeding means that an animal is bleeding in her insides. So, you cannot see it. Cats are animals, therefore can bleed internally. If she has broken a rib, it might has pierced an organ, therefore will be bleeding internally. The signs would be a weak and very fast pulse, whitening of her tongue, not urinating and swelling of her belly.

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