What Are Some Of The Problems Eye Lasik Surgery Can Fix?


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Vision problems are very common nowadays. To resolve this problem people wear eyeglasses and contact lenses and in today's world it is possible to resolve this problem permanently by Lasik surgery. But before going for this surgery one should know or consider following thing:

Meaning of Eye Lasik Surgery:
Lasik means laser-assisted, in this surgery the cornea tissue is reshaped so that the focus on images can be made better. This procedure needs less than 30 minutes and is very effective and successful.

The general risks related to Lasik eye surgery are as follows:
• Dry eyes.
• Nighttime side-effects like frown, halos and moving images.
• Sensitive to light.
• Variation in image or visual acuity.
• Twofold vision or image.
• Existence of wrinkles beneath the corneal flap.
• Stimulated astigmatism.
• Epithelium erosion.
• Hole or opening in the macula.

Following precautions are necessary before surgery:
• Patients should stop using the contact lenses and can use glasses for minimum 2 weeks prior to the evaluation.
• Patients who are using hard contact lens should stop from 6 weeks before the surgery
• Avoid using creams or any type of cosmetics on eyes and face prior to the surgery.
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My Sister had Lasik surgery and is very happy with it. She is over 60years old. I believe the rule is you get better results if the problem is not as severe to begin with. I also read in a magazine of Astronomy that Lasik may be an issue if you're a stargazer using the lenses for telescopes etc. I'm an inspector and I have to look at extremely small objects under three magnifier lenses. As of now I'm 'dealing' with my far-sightedness quite well just using glasses as needed. For sure it's a very personal decision.
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I had the lasik surgery done 3 months ago and it was the best $3,000 i ever spent!

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