What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Liver Problems Or Liver Damage?

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There are variety of symptoms of liver disease.
Most common are yellowish discoloration of eyes & skin,loss of appetite,itching all over body,loss of body hairs, muscle wasting, gynaecomastia, easy fatigability, ascites i.e. Fluid collection in abdomen
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Usually you would have symptoms that include fever, diarrhea or constipation, weakness, poor appetite, etc. Bloating can be caused by numerous things, even allergies, kidney issues, gallbladder disorder, IBS, even heart disease. But if you are concerned specifically about the function of your liver, you can improve it's function by taking some blood cleansing herbs. A great herb for that is Burdock root.  It can improve all body systems because of it's ability to cleanse and purify the blood. I take it daily for bloating because it is a diuretic as well.
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It is my understanding with the bloating you also turn a yellowish color as well as develop an odor. This is due mainly to your liver not functioning properly, it is a filter after all, and thus the backup of toxins in your system causes these reactions.
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I quit smoking 15 months ago...while I still use Chantix periodically, I have a problem bloating..esp if its meal high in carbs, like pasta...I also have been diagnosed w/ H Pylori..
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Your eyes and skin turn yellow, you feel no good and sick and can't eat and stay tired and want to sleep all the time.

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