I Am Hurting When I Urinate,what Is The Matter?


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One of the urinary problem called "Cystitis" or in simple words inflammation of the bladder, is very common bacterial infection usually caused by germs that spread from the intestinal tract through the urethra and in to the bladder. It is more prevalent among women than men, because the female urethra is short and because its opening is so near the anus and vagina.

Patients having urinary tract infection have symptoms that includes a frequent and urgent need to urinate, even when there is a little fluid in the bladder, and a burning sensation when the urines passes, and Chronic pelvic, vulva, urethral, or abdominal inflammation for the duration of urination and feel pain during sex, some people develop a fever and blood may appear in their urine cystitis is not dangerous in itself, and it can be quickly and successfully treated with antibiotics.

In fact, the symptoms often clear up so rapidly that the patient believes the infection is over and stop taking the prescribed medication too soon. Then the micro-organism may travel up the ureters to the kidneys and cause pyelone-phritis, which is potentially more dangerous then cystitis. That is the why patients should finish the complete course of antibiotics prescribed by doctor for them.
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It is probably a urinary tract infection... they are not easy to get rid of...

Drink lots of cranberry and grape juices.....And go to the grocery store and get something called AZO...It helps to clear the urinary tract, and get rid of any infection...
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Try to drink many water at least 4 litres daily to help removing the your infection

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