How To Buy A Portable Kidney Dialysis Machine?


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Unfortunately, it is not possible for an individual to buy a portable kidney dialysis machine at this time.  However, the development of portable kidney machines is advancing all the time.  They are now available in many hospitals.

Dutch physician Willem Kolff constructed the first kidney dialysis machine in 1943.  Due to the scarcity of resources, it was built using components such as sausage casings, drink cans and parts from a washing machine.  Dialysis comes from the Greek words dia, meaning through, and lysis, meaning lessening.

Eight volunteers took part in the first trial of a portable kidney dialysis machine in 2007.  It was organized by the Royal Free and University College medical school in London.  All of the volunteers recommended the machine and five of them even managed to sleep while undergoing treatment.  It was predicted that the machine would be generally available within three to five years.

A portable dialysis machine the size of a sewing machine was launched at Lister Hospital in Stevenage in 2009.  Measuring 41” x 20”, it meant that patients could treat themselves in the comfort of their own homes.  Called the NxStage, the home haemodialysis machines use ordinary tap water to make the high purity liquid dialysate needed to carry out the treatment.

Portable machines make it possible for dialysis to take place over a longer period of time and for the patient to lead a normal life.  It also removes the need for recovery time, which may take one hour or more with a traditional machine.
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