What Does Kidney Dialysis Affect The Body?


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Sarah Mayor answered
Dialysis can replace your kidney to filter the waste, electrolytes and fluid.
Here are four major side-effects of hemodialysis:
Disequilibrium syndrome
Talk to your doctors as any of these symptoms occur and worry you. In the meantime, keep an eye on the symptoms or reactions so that adjustments can be made accordingly. Hope that can help you!
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Yes it does! Some people experience darkening of the skin, or yellowing. Changed coloring in the whites of your eyes ( slightly red, or possible yellow). Break outs on your skin, face, back , shoulders, like acne. And for women hair breaking off, or falling out, getting thin. One main reason for this is because the body is being constantly drained of protein and vitamin when we dialyze, so that causes us to have anemia, and to be depleted of zinc. Ask for some dialyvite vitamins with zinc to improve this.

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