What Does Green Diarrhea Mean?


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Green diarrhea means that the bile being secreted from your pancreas has not had a chance to be used on anything ... I. E. There is no food in your stomach nor any digestive action going on in your body for the bile to be used therefore it has to be excreted in your faeces.
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Could be a number of reasons, such as; something you ate that was bad or you may have a stomach virus.
  Be sure to drink plenty of liquids and keep an eye on your temperature. If it doesn't go away with-in 24 hours or you have a high fever, suggest you see a doctor.
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Well I have it as we speak and I have ate no leafy green vegetables and my stomach keeps turning over and over. It all started yesterday and still hasn't stopped. I also threw up everything I ate yesterday and I haven't stopped going to the bathroom and I haven't ate anything, or if I eat something small it comes out within 15 minutes.
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You must have been constipated before you had your diarrhea. Green diarrhea is when you have loose motions because of very long constipation.
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The antibonding molecular orbital of the feces molecules is bonding with methane via a methane bromination reaction. See a doc.

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