Why Do I Have Diarrhea All The Time?


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There are a number of reasons why you may be suffering with diarrhoea. If it is something that you have been struggling with for a long time then it is highly recommended that you should visit a doctor. Severe diarrhoea may be a sign of something more serious. If you have mild diarrhoea then it something that could have been caused by food, laxatives, prescription drugs, infection, travelling, diseases, stress or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Food can influence diarrhoea in cases such as eating too much spicy food or in individuals who are intolerant to certain produce. People who are intolerant of milk can suffer with diarrhoea from just the smallest amount of milk products. This effect is also seen in people who eat too many fatty products. In these instances diarrhoea can be avoided or reduced by not eating the particular product. Whether you are taking laxatives on prescription or without knowing, they can cause diarrhoea. Many people do not realise that Sorbitol, that is found in many chewing gums and prepared foods, is in fact a laxative.

Antibiotics and other prescription drugs can cause severe diarrhoea. If this has happened to you, it is highly recommended that you contact the doctor that administered you these drugs. Infections of the large intestine may have a side effect of diarrhoea. Salmonella or Giardia can lead to diarrhoea as well as a number of infections that contaminate the intestinal tract. E.Coli is found quite commonly to effect travellers in places where the sanitation is not good. This infection can be prevented by avoiding tap water or unwashed food produce.

Intestinal diseases such as colon cancer, Chron's disease and diverticulitis can all have a side effect of chronic diarrhoea. If you have been suffering with it for a long time then it is essential that you are checked for one of these diseases. Stress and IBS can also cause diarrhoea. Due to IBS, the colon does not contract in a smooth, rhythmic way and causes constipation and diarrhoea that are exaggerated with stress.
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Seems you have severe stomach problem. Digestion is badly affected. You must consult a good doctor for complete check ups. The problem can occur for several reasons. Only test can tell the main reason
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I have diarrhea all the time. My stomach hurts because of it. And if I don't have diarrhea I am constipated!!! Should I get this checked out???
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You may be lactose intolerant(allergic)to dairy foods.or it could be irritable bowel syndrome-the most likely cause.other causes could be travelers diarrhea such as mild e.coli infection.have a med pro get a stool sample for the best answer and relief,thanks.

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