Where Can I Get Free Mental Health Care In Denver Co. I Dont Want The Medications Just To Talk To Someone On A Regular Basis?


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There are options if you require free mental health care in the Denver area. Firstly, check with local mental health centres and clinics. These groups are funded by federal and state governments. This means that they will able to charge much less than you might pay a private therapist.
You can also perform a search online for "mental health services" plus the name of the county or city where you live. Another option would be to visit the website for the National Association of Free Clinics. The US Department of Health and Human Services' Health Resources and Services Administration also offer a list of federally funded clinics by state.
Even if a clinic can't assist you with your enquiry, it is still worth asking whoever you are speaking to if they might recommend someone who can. Another solution is hospitals. Try calling your local hospitals and ask what kinds of mental health services they provide, and at what price. There may be the chance to have free mental health care at teaching hospitals, where doctors are trained as they often provide low or no-cost services.
Colleges and universities are another option. If a college in your area provides graduate degrees in psychology or similar subjects, the students might run free or low-cost clinics as part of their training or degree course.
One company that provide free 30 minute consultations is Westside Behavioural Care. This is a complete outpatient mental health practice serving families throughout the Denver/Boulder area and is committed to delivering excellent clinical care and customer service.
Services include individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy; couples and marriage counselling; medication evaluation and management; case management as well as outpatient care and urgent/emergent services.
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Contact the mental health agency in your state and express your wish to speak with a therapist.....the best to you

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