What Are The Consequences Of Separating Mental Health From Physical Health Care? What Are Some Of The Challenges To Using A Managed Care Approach In Mental Health Care?How Would You Ensure The Mentally Ill Are Placed Into The Appropriate Care Facility?


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Well, I can help you with some of that.
The consequences would be that if a patient had pains in their chest for example and the Dr started them on such and such a medicine they didn't really need, there could be serious harm done. Not to mention mal practice by the Dr.
As far as the mentally ill being placed in appropriate care, it would have to start when the person is small. As in childhood.
The laws in our country don't allow a person to commit someone if it isn't
the patients idea
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In my very , very, PERSONAL experience I would have to say just this. Never put a person in any kind of a "MENTAL CARE FACILITY" unless you and OTHER'S including the person in question think that there is no other answer than to put the person in such a place. If the person is not truly a nut case than he/she will be by the time its over. I say give a lot of T.L.C. It really is good medicine. Trust me I know.
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I am truely sorry that you had such a bad experience!! Unfortunately, it does happen when people that are supposed to love you give up to easily.
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To have to place a loved one into a mental care facility is the hardest decision you will ever have to make!!  I speak from experience.  Then again it could be  the most important. When we had to chose for our daughter we asked her psychotherapist  for  suggestions, contacted our local Department of Mental Health and contacted Childrens services. We than looked them up on the internet, and  went on a tour, without an appointment. We didn't want a facility without the medical aspect in treatment. There really needs to be both involved for success. I somewhat agree with Sillysoap, you and more than 1  qualified  persons in the mental health field need to be in agreement, that that is your only option. I don't agree with the person in question being involved with the decision though. Most Mentally disabled people WILL NOT ADMIT TO NEEDING HELP!!  Our daughter didn't , but it came to the point of either putting her into a facility for help, or putting her into the ground forever. Hope this answered your questions.
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Wow shortstax,

  I can't believe you said "putting her into a facility for help, or putting her into the ground forever".  How cruel of a parent, I'm glad you're not my parent.  I have a mentally ill cousin who I happen to "LOVE" so much.  I would be devastated if her parents said, "wooohooo, I'm sticking my kid into the ground forever" or "lets place her a$$ into a half way house".

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