The White Of My Eye On One Side Is Blood Red. My Husband (grkmn)says A Broken Vessell If This Is True What Causes It?


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Having one side of your eye red and also having the white part of your eyeball blood red is normally referred to as bloodshot. Having a bloodshot eye is very common and it can be caused by a number of things.

  • Causes of bloodshot eyes: Minor
As mentioned above, there are a number of reasons that you may have a bloodshot eye, and one of those reasons could be a very common and minor problem. The majority of the time people notice redness in their eye or both eyes when they have caused themselves to strain their eyes too much over a period of time. You may have heard people say that when a person has bloodshot eyes they look tired. This is usually caused by a long lack of sleep.

Furthermore, it has been known that people who get smoke in their eyes or contract a type of chlorine in their sight will suffer from red eyes. Another common cause of bloodshot is having dry eyes. When this happens the eyes have the fluid that keeps their eyes clear drained from them. To contract dry eyes, someone would usually be dehydrated or has a long period of time within hot conditions.

  • Cause of bloodshot eyes: Major
It is important to keep in mind that there are a few more serious problems that can cause a redness in the eye. For example, someone may suffer a corneal abrasion, which is an infection which can eventually cause the eye to swell and increase pain for the individual. Moreover, having bloodshot eyes is a sign of herpes which is a long term disease that also causes the eyeballs to swell up.

I must advise you that we are not a medical authority so please speak to a doctor about these problems.
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Being an RN for years the best answer I can give is that usually a broken blood vessel is contained to one area of the eye and are caused most of the time by pressure. I have seen some people burst a vessel by sneezing, some by (as bad as it sounds) vomiting, and some by lifting heavy objects. Anyway the best advice I could give is if it is bothering you in any way get it checked asap. Not sure this will help but I hope so.
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Get it checked by a doctor.

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