How To Bring The Low Blood Pressure To Normal?


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Before you try to raise low blood pressure, it’s important to seek medical advice which will determine whether you are at risk of hypotension, a condition caused when your blood pressure is too low. In some cases, you can benefit if you’re blood pressure isn’t through the roof, not least because it can prevent unwanted medical conditions that could result in you being seriously ill. If you feel nauseous, faint, or have problems concentrating, the first thing you can do to bring your blood pressure to normal is to make your diet far nutritious, and to ensure that you are not at risk of any of the symptoms hypotension can bring.

Dehydration is one of the main causes of hypotension and low blood pressure. Therefore, it’s vital that you increase your water consumption on a daily habit, drinking the two litres of water recommended a day. Through eating more fruit and vegetables, you’ll also receive the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will raise your blood pressure and keep you fuller for longer.

If you are worried that you’re still not getting all of the vitamins that you require, there are supplements that you can take in tablet form. Alternatively, consulting your doctor about compression socks to improve your circulation or medication that will prevent the signs of hypotension might be a good idea to enhance your blood pressure. It will give you more energy for your daily activities, and improving your health doesn’t have to be an expensive experience. Making beetroot juice and turning to cheap herbal remedies can be one of the best ways to get your blood pressure reading above the 90/60 danger level.
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My blood pressure was 85/41 and I kept passing out.  What can I do to bring it up?
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I have low blood pressure
due to my spinal cord injury. The first year was real bad. My pressure fell to the low 80's and 70's. I fainted and got light headed many times. I had to wear special elastic thigh high
TED socks and an elastic abdominal belt to force blood to the
heart. Now a few years later I am mid 90's with no more bad
effects. A tip I learned was when I felt light headed was to
lie down and raise the legs up to force the blood back to the
heart. If you are in the 90's to low 100's forget about it and
enjoy your life to the fullest. GOD BLESS.
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My name is anna my blood pressure is 85/60, how ca I bring it to normal
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I took meds for high blood pressure I quit taking the one pill and it came up a little but now it is back down to 88/64 real dizzy and my eye sight real bad and having trouble swallowing I have been in the hospital for real low pressure before is there something I can do here I don't want another trip to he hospital I have had and still do have a lot of problem so is there anything you can tell me that would help please.
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I just discovered that my blood pressure is low...100/63....I run short of breath every 10 minutes...I have to study for an exam but I am finding it hard....I am so scared...tried a lot of salty
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My blood pressure is 98/55 is that to low?
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Hi Haslina,

I have had low blood pressure most of my life (some say I'm lucky!), but there really is no treatment for it. Just be aware of what your body tells you and respond accordingly.

Do you feel faint? Have you ever passed out or gotten confused? Has it impaired your ability to perform any tasks?

If your answer is no then please, don't worry about it.

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You may need to adjust your blood pressure medication if you are taking any.  Consult your doctor about decreasing your blood pressure medication doses.  
Laying down flat on your back, may also help in bringing your blood pressure up.  If you feel dizzy when standing up, please sit down or lay down right away, because most likely your blood pressure drops down suddenly when you stand up and you may pass out if you don't sit down.

Some other things like, salt, coffee, stress can also elevate blood pressure.
Also be active in life.
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If this blood pressure is not causing you any problem like dizziness and fainting then no treatment is recommended. If you are having problems with this blood pressure then drink more water and use more salt provided you don't have congestive heart failure.  For details, visit this link.
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Low blood pressure wont make you ill really, unless it gets very low then you may find yourself passing out. Doctors used to suggest more salt in the diet to raise it, but I don't know if they would now they're all so aware of the evils of salt.
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I am thinking that regular exercise, might be the thing. It would get your heartbeat up and make the heart more efficient in pumping blood.

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